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Advanced Pest Control will help eliminate your mouse problem with over 30 years of experience serving Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in both commercial and residential extermination. Our team of experts will provide you with a free estimate to resolve your mice problem.

The House Mouse is the most common type of mouse in the USA. The House Mouse is only 1-2 inches long without its tail. The house mouse is a brown, grayish color, but many color variations are possible.

Mouse Exterminators

Mice can enter a home or building through a crack as small as 1/4 inch. Although it is more common to find them nesting and living outdoors, it is common for them to seek harborage in buildings and homes if there are adequate food and water as well as conditions that are ideal for nesting.

The damage done by mice is far out of proportion to their small size since they like to “nibble” on numerous items. When feeding, a single mouse can contaminate many packages of food by gnawing while depositing urine and fecal droppings on them. They can also cause significant structural damage and chew on electrical wires. Mice, like other rodents, are known vectors of many serious health conditions including Salmonellosis and dysentery.

Mouse infestations are troublesome and dangerous to humans. Mice feed on human food sources and destroy cartons, paper, boxes and plastic to construct their nests. The urine, saliva and feces of some mice may contain viruses and bacteria, such as Salmonella and Hantavirus. Therefore, it is necessary to exterminate any mouse infestation. It is advisable to take action at the first sign of a mouse infestation.

Don’t procrastinate when you see signs of a mouse problem. The female house mouse is a very prolific animal. So, if you wait too long to start control measures, a few of them can quickly become a massive infestation.

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