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Commercial Pest Control in Columbus

Scheduled Extermination Services

Ants, Bees, Roaches, Mice and even Bed Bugs do not hesitate to infiltrate commercial spaces in Columbus, Ohio or anywhere else for that matter. They can attack food handling establishments, apartment communities, healthcare facilities, stadiums, warehouses, offices and even public transportation. Advanced Pest Control has been protecting commercial structures and providing Columbus, Ohio with quality pest control services for over 30 years. We realize that discrete prompt pest control service with knowledgeable technicians is a must, and we are happy to deliver. Advanced Pest Control uses safe, but effective methods and products so that we not only protect buildings from insects, but people from harmful pesticidebug-freep>Keep your business secure, safe and bug free. Contact Advanced Pest Control today for additional information regarding the best ways to prevent pests from entering your commercial space. Already have an issue? Give us a call and let us get your treatment plan started today!

Commercial Pest Control Services in Columbus Ohio

Our Commercial Pest Control Accounts Include

Restaurant Pest Management

A single cockroach from a delivery truck, a few drain and fruit flies around your bar, or mice eating your profits… Any one of these in your establishment can not only ruin your reputation, but potentially shut you down. Monthly pest control in your restaurant is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean you are dirty or infested. It simply means you take pride in your facility, and are an owner who is proactive rather than “reactive”…if you’re waiting to call pest control after something has happened…it may be too late.

Apartment Community Pest Management

Frequent turnover, visitors, language barriers, non-payment, and maintenance requests…so many things that already occupy so much of your time. Don’t let pest control be another burden. Let Advanced Pest Control, Inc. customize a plan that works best for your specific complex and needs. Do you want on-going service or just as-needed? There is no rubber stamp method, we customize a plan for you…we can even customize how you receive reports! Do you prefer high tech detailed picture reports e-mailed to you. We can customize a software program specific for your complex. Don’t have the time to sit and pour over pages of documents? We can provide simple service reports and offer a verbal overview

Additional Commercial Clients

  • Property Management
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Stadium/Arena Management
  • Industrial/Warehouse
  • Office Complexes
  • Retail/Corporate Spaces
  • Condominium Building
  • Healthcare Facilities

Give us a call Advanced Pest Control today for a free estimate over the phone, and let us help you like we have helped so many others!